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Many of you have already supported us on the MTV-affiliated site  OurStage is an incredibly innovative site that allows you to discover new independent artists and gives you the power to give them some notability.  Last month, we took the #1 spot in the funk category with “Don’t Be Fooled.”  This month, we are entered in the Pop and Funk categories, as well as a special category called “Bon Jovi’s Wanted: A SuperBAND Tonight.”  In this category, you can help select one artist to open for Bon Jovi and Kid Rock at GILLETTE STADIUM this summer.

The ranking system can seem cumbersome at first; you don’t simply logon and vote for your favorite band.  Instead, you listen to the artists and compare them against each other.  So, even if we don’t pop up for you to judge, don’t be discouraged…you’re still helping the process, and hopefully having fun all the while.  But if we do pop up, just ask yourself: wouldn’t you like to see us play for 65,000 people?

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