The best is yet to come…

We just tipped the scales at 60% of our target with exactly one month to go in our Pledge Music campaign. We couldn’t have asked for better progress or a richer experience. Lots of feedback has come in about our video updates. They tend to be on the comedic side, so they’ve been as much fun for us to create as they are for you to watch. In reality, though, the “meat” of these updates is yet to come, as we just finished our first batch of lockout dates in the studio and will be sharing a ton of behind-the-scenes footage, blogs, photos, and audio soon.

The most common question we get is, “How does this work?” It couldn’t be simpler. When you pledge, you get access to our updates AND you get the album when it’s finished. The minimum pledge is $10, which you’d spend on iTunes, anyway…so why not join in the fun now? There are other slick, fun, and quirky exclusives you can pledge for as well. If we’re not playing many (or any) shows in your area this summer, this is the best way to support us. And it will be a lot more entertaining for you than waiting around for the CD to be on a shelf somewhere!

Click on the badge below to get involved! (If the badge doesn’t display, you can also get to the site by copying and pasting this URL:

Thanks for riding the LiS train. With your support, it won’t only be running to Allston.

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