Back on Pledge!

We’ve been hard at work on our new album, and guess what…it’s done. Almost. It’s not some mythical being with unknown origins or whereabouts. We’re this close to releasing it. We’re just massively in debt after making the best record we’ve ever made. We’ve teamed up with our friends at PledgeMusic and we’re reaching out to you, our fans, to get our album all dressed up and ready for prom. And just like a prom date, she won’t leave the house unless she’s looking her best.

If you pledged on our last album, “A King’s Ransom,” you know how this works: it’s like a pre-order on steroids. You pay $10, you get to download the EP way before it actually comes out and you get behind-the-scenes access to demos, live tracks, unreleased songs, and other useless garbage that you might enjoy. You can pay a little more and get even more cool stuff, and even get a private concert by yours truly.

Check out the site. Watch the goofy video. And stay tuned for more stuff to come…

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