New Year, New Music

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We know we just released our last album a year ago, but we want to try a new vibe out on you. As of tonight, we’ll have 3 new tracks for you to download on our Bandcamp page. But that’s not all. We’ll be adding a track to that page every month for the whole year. And you can have them for FREE (or pay an amount of your choosing if you think a song is worth buying us a small coffee to share among the 5 of us).

These songs may vary stylistically from one to the next. But if you know us individually and as a group, you know that we’ve got a lot of influences. In this post-modern entertainment world, we thought we’d try giving you as much music as possible instead of sweating every detail about album concept, art, production, blah blah blah. Let’s go with a DIY vibe and keep things fresh at all times. Cool with you?

See you at the Lizard Lounge tonight!


in Stockholm (via Evan)

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