Drugstore Animal - Lyric Video

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Hold Back the Sun

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LiS @ Gillette

Before witnessing a Patriots win over the Houston Texans, we performed for the fans at Gillette Stadium. Read more

Love in Stockholm on Spotify

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Album Release

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With the release show to a roaring crowd at Harpers Ferry (which is shutting its doors on November 1st!) under our belts, we proudly announce the official release of A King’s Ransom. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the making of our first full-length album, our pledgers, families, friends, and fans. It’s finally here. Best of all, you can hear and download it right from our music page.

Sneak preview of the new album!

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You heard it here first…fresh out of the mastering studio! You can even download it if you sign our mailing list, share it on Facebook, or tweet it. Do us a solid and help us circulate this bad boy.

Love in Stockholm

Album Title and Release Date Announced!

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Our first full-length album is done and off to mastering. We are stoked for you to hear it, and now we can tell you when that will be. Join us at Harpers Ferry for our CD release blowout show on October 1st and be among the first to get a copy. That’s the weekend before the official release date of October 5th. And if you can’t wait that long, you can STILL make a pledge over at Pledge Music so you can get the download before anyone else gets anything! RSVP for the event here:


We’re also proud to announce the title of the album…drumroll please, Jesse…


It’s conceptual. But it sounds good, too.

Pledge Target – ACQUIRED!

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That’s right…we hit our target on Pledge Music, and with time to spare. So, if you were wondering if this album was really going to happen, now you know it is. Because you all just made sure of it. Thanks from the whole band to our fans, friends, and family for stepping up and helping us take the next step. If you missed the boat, don’t worry–you can still make a pledge and get in on the behind-the-scenes action, right up until we release the album! Join the revolution.

This Independence Day, support independent music!

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As we enter our 235th year as an independent nation, we can’t help but make some comparisons to our own experience. With your participation in the last month, we’ve been able to get our first full-length album underway, on our own terms. It’s a challenge to be an independent band these days, and we are excited to have your support for our project on PLEDGE MUSIC!

In case you’ve been reading the e-mails but haven’t clicked on the links yet: our project on Pledge Music is allowing us to bring you behind the scenes of the recording process. When you pledge, not only do you get the updates AND the actual album when it’s finished, but you can also get your hands on a stash of LiS paraphernalia. Some of the stuff our fans have already nabbed include:

Signed CDs
Limited edition t-shirts
Handwritten lyric sheets
Song/jingle written by LiS about you
Coming to the studio to play on a track
“Special thanks” in the album liner notes
“Executive Producer” credit on the album
Dinner date–ON STAGE–at one of our shows
Having us play your private party/event

Some stuff is going fast…but there’s still something left for you. Is there something not on the list that you want? Hit us up and we’ll try to make it happen.

Click on the badge below to get involved! (If the badge doesn’t display, you can also get to the site by copying and pasting this URL: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/loveinstockholm.)

Happy Fireworks Day. If you look around, you might find us in Allston playing a rock version of “The Stars and Stripes Forever.”

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